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Whether you’re a garage entrepreneur looking for your angel, or a professional investor hunting for the next unicorn, SellCorp is your go-to platform. Swipe to explore a vetted deal-flow of fundraising businesses!

We have reimagined the fundraising experience from start to finish to deliver a premium experience.

Commission free.


Designed to simplify and expedite the discovery process.

Swipe through companies. Read further details. View presentations. Contact via email. Save for later. Share with friends.

The proof is in the product

Simple, custom-built features for the best experience

The SellCorp product page has various elements that can attract investors to a company. Optimise the company profile and search results to help investors find and engage with a business.

Use the cover image to attract and engage your audience by showcasing your company’s features, achievements, functionality or even the user interface of your product. It’s a good idea to periodically review your profile analytics and consider changing the front cover image to improve results.

Our data allows to track engagement and conversion for your company profile and presentation. Review this information frequently to make informed decisions.

Tired of scrolling through text and images? You can now listed to what entrepreneurs have to say about their companies. Try our Voice feature.

There are many companies out there, and only a handful of favourites. Save them in My List to track their updates regularly.

Filter companies by industry, round, business model and revenue. More filters on the way!

Keep your audience informed about important developments at your company. This allows you to share updates with users who have added your company to their favourites list. Use this feature to announce major commercial contracts, new partnerships, special hires, product development news and more.

Why Choose SellCorp?


Data Security

We know how important your data is. That’s why we’ve restricted the ability for users to take screenshots or screen recordings of your sensitive information.



Our analytics will provide you with insights into how many people viewed your company, clicked on your presentation, and more.


No Comissions

That’s right, we don’t take a cut from your investments. Our aim is to make the process as frictionless as possible.

Our team of experts

We're here to make your dreams come true

our analysts

Our analysts are continuously reaching out to professional investors to showcase the growth and potential of your business.

Customer Happiness

We are listening to your feedback and iterating fast to make this app the best tool for you. We are here to help.

our partners trust us

Stuart Oneil

CEO, Luryc

“Lunno is a highly professional consulting firm. We can depend on them to be transparent, smart, and committed to our success.”

Elly Brett

Business Operations, Bewarx

“For over 10 years, Lunno has consistently proven their ability to understand our business needs and help us outperform our expectations.”

Jenna Ballard

VP Marketing, Wico

“When we needed help to manage the strategy and rollout of a complex marketing plan, Lunno turned out to be the perfect partner.”


With powerful features, and support, we help founders publish, share, and scale their businesses. Want to become a SellCorp member? All it takes is 10 minutes to get started.


From the specific to the unexpected, our platform features help buyers explore all the special one-of-a-kind companies offered by SellCorp members. Why should you try it?


The platform's analytics capabilities are advanced, insightful, and almost effortlessly effective in helping visionaries understand and improve their pitches or profiles.


Deal-flow for professional investors.

Exposure for founders.

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